October Showcase - Embossed Labels

Why Choose An Embossed Effect?


Embossing is a popular choice for those that really want to make their designs stand out. It basically creates a visually complex pattern that adds a new dimension to your design. Embossing can incorporate a number of different die styles in order to create a specific effect. For example, a round die will produce designs with rounded corners while a flat die will produce straight edges and harder shapes. For a deeper effect you can chose a bevelled die in order to create a tapered effect. Embossing works by using two dies in order to create the pattern. A 'male die' is placed under the paper or substrate material and the 'female die' is then positioned above it. The machine will then apply pressure and/or heat in order to press the design into the material and create a 3D effect.


What Are The Benefits?                                 

  • Creates a visually appealing 3D effect
  • Holds much more detail than debossing
  • It's easier to apply foil stamping to an embossed design
  • Will help your label get noticed right away
  • Embossed products have a higher recall value / brand identification
  • Higher benefit vs cost (Good ROI)




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