Antimicrobial Labels

  • Reduce Bacteria By Up To 99.99%
  • Suitable For Plain Or Printed Labels
  • Effective Against Mould & Viruses
  • Any Shape, Size & Design
  • Free UK Delivery

Our Antimicrobial label solutions utilise Antimicrobial varnishes which negatively affect most bacteria by breaking down the proteins within the cells, preventing the cells ability to replicate.

It also kills the bacteria by causing the cell membrane to break down and damage any genetic material that could potentially damage the label, making the labels surface inhospitable to most bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould.

Can Be Applied to Plain or Printed Labels

Plain or Printed Labels Our Antimicrobial varnish can be applied to plain or printed labels and can reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%. Antimicrobial additives can also extend the functional lifetime of a label by minimising degradation caused by bacterial colonisation. Because the Antimicrobial properties are added during the manufacturing process the properties will not wear or wash off with extended use.  


Protects Against A Range of Microbes

Microbe Protected

Antimicrobial finishes can protect against a wide range of microbes including MRSA, E Coli, Legionella, Salmonella, Influenza, the H1N1 virus and many more. It works by rupturing cell membranes and rendering any DNA that can cause damage inactive.



Safe To Use With Food & Drink 

Safe For Food & Drink Antimicrobial additives have their own specific set of regulations. In the EU these are known as the Biocidal Product Regulations 528/2012 The finishes have also been certified as safe for direct food and water contact by the HACCP.