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Ensure your important and valuable equipment is easy to identify and track with our high quality asset labels. Our vast catalogue of materials, together with a diverse range of printing methods allow us to offer the complete solution to even the most challenging of asset labelling requirements. 

We work with government organisation and schools to multi-national organisations to provide asset labelling solutions. Whether you are looking to deter criminal with tamper evident asset labels or simply tag your valuable equipment with highly durable aluminium labels, our highly knowledgeable & experienced team will guide you through the most suitable and cost effective solution to your requirements.

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Tamper Evident Asset Labels

Tamper Evident Asset LabelsAsset Labels and Tags can be supplied on tamper evident materials such as destructible vinyl or silver void polyester to provide instant visibility of tampering. Destructible vinyl will fragment if tampered with and is impossible to remove in one piece, whereas void polyester will leave a void message on the application surface once the label is removed.


Heavy Duty Asset Labels

Heavy Duty Asset LabelsOur Heavy Duty Asset Labels are printed on a polyester material with a high strength permanent adhesive and laminated for durability and protection in harsh environments. With a working temperature range of -40 degrees to +150 degree, heavy duty asset labels can withstand a range of fluids, solvents, abrasion and direct sunlight.


Aluminium Asset Labels

Aluminium Asset LabelsOur flexible aluminium material can be printed and numbered to your specific requirements and offers an extremely cost effective solution to asset tagging high value products and equipment. Aluminium asset labels are extremely durable and hard wearing, guaranteeing high quality and long lasting lives.