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Looking for ice cream labels that stay in place even when frozen? Look no further! Our ice cream labels are produced on high quality materials with freezer grade adhesives ensuring your labels can withstand the cold temperatures and moisture they may be subjected to.

Our state of the art studio and fully trained staff can work with your existing designs or create new artwork to your requirements.

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Freezer Grade Materials 

Reusable Cloakroom Tags

At Daymark we can supply a range of materials that meet high quality freezer grade standards from gloss options to matt. The materials we use have a long shelf life and can withstand temperatures of up to -40 degrees centigrade. Depending on the application and the print our team can recommend the best material for your product.


Freezer Grade Adhesives

Two-Part Cloakroom Tags

Ice cream labels need to be able to withstand cold water and icy temperatures without the label peeling off. At Daymark we offer a range of freezer grade adhesives that will best suit the application and the material.. The adhesives we offer all comply with European food directives and legislations and the FDA.


Lid Top Labels 

Loop Lock Bag TagsWe also offer our customers the ability to create vibrant and eye catching lid tops for their ice cream. You can work with an existing design or work with our designers to create stunning tops to fit your products. Request your free quotation today!